This is the home of the adventurers, known as the Rat Pack, honourary members of the Rat Head Goblin tribe.


Welcome to the new home of our campaign! Since I’ve got the summer off and seem to have stalled in my creative output I thought putting all my old stuff into an easily accessible format would spur me to further creative endeavours, and make keeping all my shit together that much easier. So, here we are. The continent still doesn’t have a name (I’m taking suggestions). This should be a good repository of all the info we keep forgetting, like who got what, where so and so is and what the fuck we’re doing generally. If we like the setup and it seems useful, we’ll discuss a subscription for $40 that gives us ever better service from these guys. Anywho, feel free to poke around, comment etc. Anything you aren’t supposed to know is hidden anyways (insert evil laugh here)