Arcane Bow

A magic bow without inherent pluses that has some fantastic abilities

weapon (ranged)

This bow is a favourite of mages and sorcerers, and of dual classed arcane spellcasters. While it has no inherent bonus either to attack or damage, by sacrificing a spell or spell slot for the day, a user may imbue the bow with a bonus, as follows;
For every level of spell slot sacrificed, the bow gets a +1 to either damage & attack bonus (to a maximum of +5). In addition, the pluses can be divided up over multiple rounds, thus a user sacrificing a 7th Level Spell Slot may choose to have his next 7 shots be +1, his next three be +2 and 1 be +1, his next shot to be +5 and his one after +2 or any other combination he so chooses.

In addition to this ability, by spending one round (or the spell’s casting time,whatever is longer) an arcane spellcaster may imbue his or her next shot with a touch attack spell. This spell is now part of the next shot from the bow. If the shot hits against touch AC the spell is released, regardless of whether the arrow does its own damage.

EG: Vanek has imbued his bow with Ghoul Touch. He is facing a Troll (AC 16, Touch 11). He has a +4 to attack. He rolls a ten, for a total of +14. Though the arrow bounces harmlessly off the Troll, the troll still feels the effects of the Ghoul Touch spell. The troll fails its save and is paralyzed for 5 rounds, allowing Vanek’s companions to chop it into tiny pieces and burn the mother fucker but good.


Arcane Bow

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