Morningstar of Returning Flight

+1 morningstar that can be thrown and returns

weapon (melee)

This morningstar can be thrown with a range increment of 10’, and returns at the end of the round to its owners hand. This weapon has a +1 to hit and to damage whether used as a ranged weapon or a melee weapon.


Found in a cave under the town of Shornsport, the Morningstar was the favoured weapon of an Orcish bandit who used it to rob many a caravan, until he met his end in the cave where the weapon was found, eaten by a yellow mold or ooze.
It has since been in the possession of one, Henrick, Cleric of Missa, who has used it well, until the shaft of the weapon broke in two pieces during combat with a Xill cleric in another realm.

Morningstar of Returning Flight

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