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  • Prestige Classes

    The following is a list of Prestige classes present in the game world. If you've got one you'd like to add, let me know [[Assassin | Assassin]] [[Bowmaster | Bowmaster]] [[Spell Sword | Spell Sword]] [[Undead Hunter | Undead Hunter]]

  • Spell Sword

    *Prestige Class – The Sword Dancer* The sword dancer is an expert with his chosen blade, able to weave around opponents defences and dance away before their target can retaliate. This combined with their talent for magic makes them especially deadly …

  • Bowmaster

    *Bowmaster* Requirements: BAB + 6, Craft Fletcher + 5, Craft Bowmaking + 5, Weapon Specialization with a type of Bow, Point Blank Shot, Another Feat related to Archery. The Bowmaster has dedicated his life to skill with the bow, at the expense of …

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